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Grizzly Honeypaw — Games in play

Grizzly Honeypaw

Hello, my name is Grizzly Honeypaw. I’m 7 years old and in the first grade. My favourite thing to do is gaming. As a birthday present from my mum and dad I got my very own tablet. I can download almost any game I want onto it. Sometimes it’s really difficult to decide what games to play when they’re all so good. I have lots of friends. In fact, everyone on Gadget Island is my friend. I really like playing with all of them. Yup, you can even play with the adults too.

I also like good food. Pancakes and jam are my favourites. This food collecting game combines games and treats, recently I’ve been playing it a lot.

Going to school is fun too. I see friends there and learn different kinds of things. Sometimes we play learning games there. I’m a wizz at those. There’s always homework, but sometimes I have difficulty remembering it. If I start gaming as soon as I get home from school, I might forget about my homework. But as you’ve probably already noticed, I know some English. I’ve learnt it through gaming.

My dad, Paul R. Honeypaw is the editor in chief of the newspaper. And the sports editor too. In fact, my dad owns the entire Top News newspaper. Dad’s paper’s office is on Gadget Island mountain. Dad is a sports fan. His favourite sport is, of course, football. My Mum, Ursula Honeypaw, is a really good cook. She works as a cook at the school. I’m a very lucky bear as I can eat the goodies my Mum makes at home and at school.

Dad is good at telling stories. He told me about two bears who lived in the Other World. To me, the whole story sounds almost like some kind of adventure game. It starts off at a place kind of like an enclosure. It is surrounded by a tall metal fence and around that is lots of forest. The bears live there in the enclosure. They do the things bears are meant to do: Sleep, eat and wrestle with each other. People stand behind the fence and watch them. There’s a hut next to the enclosure, and the guard lives there. I think the guard is a bit like the bears’ enemy. The enemy is the character who you have to defeat in a game. The guard keeps the bears prisoner. He sits in his hut and watches football on TV. Then it begins to snow in the enclosure and outside. The people leave and the bears have to go to sleep. In the Other World bears sleep during the winter. But these bears can’t sleep. They decide to escape. They decide to go to the football world championships. One bear makes a dash for the fence. Luckily the bear is strong and the fence falls down. The bears escape. They make their way through the forest to the sea. The sea is frozen. The bears trudge along the ice until it starts to melt. Then the bears fall through the ice and have to swim. Someone must help them to safety.

My parents also lived in the Other World before I was born. My Mum said that Walter the Whale brought them here to Gadget Island. Walter is Gadget Island’s very own rescue patrol. By that point I was already in my mum’s belly. Apparently I made so much noise when I was born that my dad wanted to call me Grizzly. I think it’s a great name.

My Dad still has a cousin in the Other World. His name is Peter Polar Bear. His son, Patrick, also likes gaming. I’ve never seen Patrick, but sometimes we game together online and it’s really cool. However, over in the Other World, bears apparently have to game in secret. I don’t quite get it. Thankfully on Gadget Island everyone can game as much as they want.

Grizzly Honeypaw, like other children, likes gaming. Talk about the games the children play.

  1. Each child should tell the others which game they last played. The games can be computer games, apps on tablets or boardgames, for example.
  2. The children should tell each other what games they have played.
  3. What games played by the children can still be played? What environment is it best to play in? What equipment is required to play the games?
  4. Select one game to play. The playing preparations should be made with adult assistance. Agree a time to play the game. The adults will take part in the game in accordance with the children’s instructions.
  5. After the game discuss how it went. The children should talk about their experiences.

The aim is to discuss the children’s games and their transfer to play. Another aim is to encourage the children to get on with each other when playing together. Implementation of the planned game is an important part of the session. This will allow the adults get to know the children’s gaming world.