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Higgy Hedgehog

Higgy Hedgehog

My name is Higgy Hedgehog. I am 6 years old and I go to preschool. The good thing about preschool is that afterwards you get to go to real school. I’m really looking forward to that, as then I’ll be a pu-pil. Oh, it sounds so great that I almost want to jump in the air!

Gonzales the Cheetah is my best friend. We invent loads of fun games together. The best ones are tablet charger attachment, mobile phone in shoe, and ten devices on the board. We always play the bigger games with the squirrel twins Tash and Dash, even though they end up arguing almost every time. Sometimes the first graders want to play too.

My family includes my Dad, my mum and my younger siblings Pree and Kell. My Dad’s name is Henry Hedgehog and he owns his own shop. The shop is called Home Machines and Devices, and there they sell all kinds of domestic appliances. At my Dad’s shop you can buy a TV, a phone, an SLR camera, a games console or even a tablet. We have all of those at home. Dad always brings home all the new and exciting things to try out.

When I started at preschool, I got my own smart phone. You can only get those if you’re really smart! You can do anything on a smart phone. You can take videos, go online and take photos. I’ve taken loads of photos of myself. The adults call photos like that selfies, and so I call my photos spikefies. But my phone is about to get ... oh what’s it called, oh yeah, dementia. I mean, I can’t fit anything else into its memory. That sometimes happens to old hedgehogs. Luckily my Dad got extra memory for my phone through one of those cloud services. Perhaps you could get extra memory for my Grandma too?

My Mum’s name is Irene. She doesn’t work at the moment because Pree and Kell are still so small. Pree will soon be three, whilst Kell is only a year and a half old. Kell still wears nappies. Mum loves cooking and baking in particular. Mum has her own blog on the internet, and she puts all kinds of new cake and pie recipes online as she comes up with them.

I’ve always lived on Gadget Island, but my Mum and Dad haven’t. Before they had children they lived in the Other World. Apparently there all the hedgehogs have to live in dens and sleep during the winter. That’s what our Grandma did! Thankfully we don’t have winter here on the island.

Mum and Dad also used to live in a den and were happy with their life, until right next to their home people started building a big road. Dad said that in the Other World roads are the worst thing that can happen to a hedgehog. Mum didn’t want to start a family in a place like that. So they packed their things and left. The Seal Boat Company’s boat brought Mum and Dad here to Gadget Island, where they found the perfect home. Mum likes our house now much more than any den. She has said that she wouldn’t return to the Other World for any amount of money. I also think that Gadget Island is a really good place to live; I don’t ever plan on moving away.