The Gadget Island site will be closed at the end of 2022.
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Background information


Gadget Island is a story-like learning environment which supports the National Core Curriculum for Pre-primary Education’s (2016) aims regarding media literacy and information and communications technology skills.

Together, the Gadget Island game and stories containing functional sessions form a learning environment. The participatory stories provide greater depth within the themes addressed in the game. The game and sessions form a pedagogically coherent whole that is adapted to the pre-primary education environment.

Gadget Island has been realised with support from the Ministry of Education and Culture, as part of a project coordinated by Helsinki City Library – the central library of all public libraries in Finland. Produced together with the City of Helsinki’s Department of Early Education and Care, the learning environment functions as a tool for cooperation between pre-primary education and the library. Aniway Oy is responsible for the game’s technical realisation. The game is voiced by Kris Gummerus. and Tampere City Library have also been involved in the project.

The HTML-based game can be played in Finnish, Swedish and English. The site will be fully complete in December 2015.

The game’s scriptwriting group

  • Helsinki City Library
    • Sini Helminen
    • Mari Luolamaa
    • Marita Nuto
    • Minna Rimpilä
    • Pia Terrihauta
    • Jertta Pomeranz
  • The City of Helsinki’s Department of Early Education and Care
    • Heikki Näränen
    • Maarit Partala
    • Marjaana Gyekye
  • Tampere City Library
    • Perttu Rasi


  • Helsinki City Library
    • Minna Rimpilä


  • Helsinki City Library
    • Minna Rimpilä
  • The City of Helsinki’s Department of Early Education and Care
    • Marjaana Gyekye
    • Maarit Partala

The Gadget Island song

  • Lyrics and music
    • : Jani Luomajärvi and Merirasti Daycare Centre’s pre-primary and 5-year-old groups
  • Rappers
    • Maya Luomajärvi
    • Salma Ibtisam el Ouasif
    • Rami Mohamed Hasan
  • Background song
    • The choir of Meri-Rastila Comprehensive School, Lower stage

Project coordinator

  • Päivi Leppänen

Use of the learning environment

The website features the Gadget Island game and the functional sessions designed to support the learning aims. Players can get to know the animals that feature in the game in the animal stories. The animal stories include dilemmas that the children resolve with support from adults.

Tips for using the stories:

  • Players can familiarise themselves with the stories before playing the game.
  • The stories can be used independently or functional sessions can be employed when reading the story.
  • The stories feature words and phrases that instructors may want stop and think about with the children.

CC License

The Gadget Island game has been published with a CC BY-NC-SA license.

Problems using the site?

If you encounter problems whilst playing on a tablet:

  • Check that you have the latest version of the operating system installed.
  • We recommend either Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser.
  • Check that you have the latest version of the browser installed.
  • Ensure that there are no other tabs open in the browser.
  • Ensure that you don’t have any other programmes running in the background on your device.
  • If you get a notification stating that the browser has run out of memory (e.g. ‘Problem loading the page, reloading’), reload the page or game, and select ‘Continue game’.

More information about the Gadget Island website and feedback

Satu Ristelä
Chief Educational Librarian
040 630 5803
Helsinki City Library