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Mole McDiggerson — An exciting choice

Mole McDiggerson

Hello. I’m Mole McDiggerson. I’m in the first grade at school, and Grizzly Honeypaw is my best friend. Grizzly is such an awesome name; it makes me jealous. The thing is, I want to become a footballer when I’m older. But I have pretty bad eyesight and it’s a bit of a problem when it comes to playing. Without glasses I can’t even hit the ball, but the glasses get in the way when I’m playing. When I’m running around the glasses sometimes fall off and break or get lost. And I don’t know any professional players who wear specs.

I got these glasses three years ago. To start with I didn’t like them at all. None of my friends wear glasses. I asked Grizzly Honeypaw to sit on my specs, so that they would break and I wouldn’t have to wear them any more, but Grizzly refused. When we were playing I secretly slipped them underneath Grizzly, but they just sank into his soft bear fur. Another time, when I was staying at Grizzly’s house I took the glasses off when we were playing. When I was about to go home, I wanted to put the glasses on again, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. On my way home I got lost. I went round in circles for a few hours since I couldn’t see what was in front of me. It started to get dark. I had begun to get worried by the time my Mum found me. First she grumbled at me, but then she stopped and waggled her paw at me. My specs had actually been on my forehead the whole time, how had I not noticed them?

After that Mum told me that I had to always wear my glasses. My Mum, Carrie McDiggerson, thinks that glasses are a wonderful thing. Of course, because she herself has them. But Mum is already quite old. She used to work as a teacher but she took early retirement. She’s probably right that nothing can be done about bad vision. When I heard that the squirrel twins were arguing about which of them should get glasses, it made me feel better. They think that those with four eyes are always smarter than others. Nowadays I’m quite happy to wear glasses, as long as they’re kept in a safe place.

My family includes my mum and my two big brothers. They don’t live on Gadget Island any more because they’re already adults. We moved here just after I was born. My brothers were already quite big by then. It made my mum really sad when my brothers moved away. But my brothers are the world’s best coders! They dig new pathways for a living, and they write instructions for them stage by stage into the memory. So they had to go back to the Other World. They’re needed there! However, once a year my brothers come here to the island on holiday, because apparently it’s much more relaxing here. Then they teach me everything about digging. You know, I’ve received a special task from Doctor Hoot. Since I’m currently the best digger on the island, my task is to help Doctor Hoot in all underground matters. You see, the Doctor can fly everywhere, but no one can get as deep into the island as I can. I think that some day I’ll find something new and exciting under the island’s surface, and then my brothers will be proud of me. So proud that they’ll take me with them to the Other World.

Mum never tells me anything about what it’s like in the Other World. She says that I was born there, but that she has forgotten everything else. I don’t believe that. I found a box under her bed. It contained photographs that all showed the same mole. Almost completely black and quite good-looking. On the back of one of the photographs it says ‘To Carrie’. Who could that mole be?

Lots of different devices are used on Gadget Island, and they all need electricity to work. The electricity comes from an energy centre deep within the island, called the Earth-lectric Station. From here the electricity is transported to every home that needs it. But unfortunately Mole McDiggerson has dug through the electricity routes and now Doctor Hoot has given McDiggerson a special task. McDiggerson must dig a new route for the electricity, going from home to home. If he is successful in this task, he will become the island’s official Earth-lectrician.

Help Mole McDiggerson to plan the route. Along the way he will encounter challenges that he will require help to overcome.

To carry out the sessions, the challenge locations are marked on the library, daycare centre or school’s site plan, and are then tackled in the marked locations, planned in advance by the instructor.

* = advance preparations are needed in this challenge

Mole McDiggerson

Route selection

Mole McDiggerson needs help selecting the fastest route. Look at the site plan. Where does McDiggerson have to go?

The route arrangement should be agreed together. The children decide which way the route will go. One of the children will draw the agreed route onto the site plan.

The children can also think about what other routes there could be.

* The site plan to be used must be printed out. The instructor should mark the challenge points on the plan in advance.

Higgy Hedgehog

”What’s that? What’s this?”

Higgy Hedgehog’s younger siblings are going through a stage where they question everything. McDiggerson must be able to answer their questions. Help him to explain the following words: Smart phone, TV, printer, newspaper, charger, radio, games console, landline phone, camera and letter.

The children will explain the words in turns. The others can guess what word is in question. They can also think about which of the devices require electricity to work.

* Postcards. The instructor must print out the attached postcards in advance.

Tash and Dash

Time to invent!

McDiggerson has got bored of the endless arguing between Tash and Dash. He wants to test what the squirrel twins actually know. Come up with statements for McDiggerson.

In turns, the children come up with sentences that are true or false. The others guess whether the statement is true or not.

Gonzales the Cheetah

Can I have permission?

7-year-old Gonzales the Cheetah is asking for help from McDiggerson. Help McDiggerson to answer Gonzales’s questions.

There are different kinds of age ratings. On Gadget Island age ratings are used for audiovisual programmes. At what age

  1. can Gonzales move to his own home?
  2. can Gonzales get a library card?
  3. can Gonzales drive a car?
  4. can Gonzales eat his dessert before his main course?
  5. can Gonzales drive a moped?
  6. can Gonzales brush his own teeth?
  7. can Gonzales get married?
  8. can Gonzales decide who he plays with?
  9. can Gonzales ride a bike on the pavement?
  10. can Gonzales move about alone?
  11. can Gonzales make all of his own decisions?
Marvain von Purr

Strange photos

Mole McDiggerson finds Marvain’s photography studio with his cameras, and wants to surprise Marvain with some strange photos. Help McDiggerson to set up the following arrangements.

In this task a camera can be used and photos taken. Or you can use a frame you’ve made yourself, to indicate where you want the edges of the picture to be.

Make arrangements showing the following

  1. everyone’s hands
  2. everyone’s feet
  3. one eye for each person
  4. everyone’s noses

Think about how you could set up a picture showing, for example, 5 knees and 7 hands, or 14 feet, 3 heads and 9 hands.

* Camera or frame. Instructor to make the picture frame of cardboard in advance.

Don Wolf

Let’s organise!

Don Wolf is very careful that all guests coming to his home are in order. Show Mole McDiggerson how it should be done.

Line up

  1. In order of date of birth: youngest on the left, oldest on the right.
  2. Alphabetical order by first name, starting from A.
  3. In height order: shortest on the left, tallest on the right.
  4. By hair colour: Darkest on the left, lightest on the right.

You can also come up with other ways to order participants.

Grizzly Honeypaw


7-year-old Grizzly has found a new game where the age rating is 12. Grizzly wants to play the game and is delighted when McDiggerson comes to visit. Help McDiggerson decide whether Grizzly’s claim is correct.

Grizzly claims that because he is 7 years old and McDiggerson is 7 years old, together they make 14 years old, and therefore they can play a game for 12-year-olds.

Discuss Grizzly’s claim. Think about why it isn’t true.

Marymoo the Cow

Letters into words

The letters in Marymoo the Cow’s advert are all mixed up. McDiggerson must find out what the advert says. Help McDiggerson find out what the advert says. Use the letters to form words. What’s the longest word you can make?

* Letters from GADGET ISLAND. The instructor will print out or write the letters on pieces of paper in advance.


This session gives a peek into the Gadget Island themes. The session can be carried out either as an introduction when getting to know the learning environment or it can also work as a fun revision exercise for those who have already visited Gadget Island. In the session pupils learn to solve challenges as a group.